Give Healthy Soil with Guano Phosphate Fertilizer

                  INDOGUANO® offer you Natural Ultimate Organic Fertilizer. We are producer of Guano Phosphate Fertilizer from the Indonesia. Guano Phosphate Fertilizer Indonesia is well known as a pure natural fertilizer in the world. Nutrients in guano are as different as there are a variety of producers, food sources and environmental constraints. Guano can be fresh, semi-fossilized or fossilized and will be a factor, among others, on the nutrient content when used. Guano Phosphate Fertilizer is mined from ancient deposits of fossilized guano in collapsed Indonesian caves. Because it is fossilized, it has no nitrogen, no odor, and no potentially harmful bacteria, all of which can be found in fresh guano. This fertilizer has been produced using natural resources of Guanos dropping sediment. This deposit, through hundred of years has been decomposed and naturally processed. High Phosphorus Guano is rich in phosphate, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc. It is also excellent for promoting vigorous flowers, fruits, and vegetables, as well as strong root growth and hardiness. Phosphorus Guano is mined and ground to a fine powder, so it may be applied in a variety of ways your farm or your garden.

                 Guano Phosphate Fertilizer is provided in the ready to use condition, thoroughly aged to the vintage state of a good natural fertilizer. Guano can be used inside or outdoors for all living plants. Guano supplies fast and slow release nutrients to the biological system. Apply the pure guano in smaller amounts than ordinary barnyard or poultry manure. Applied as a top dressing and worked into the soil or mixed with water and applied, guano will have a dramatic influence. Hydroponic growers, in contrast to normal fertilization, are finding that guano and water are a natural alternative to chemical solutions. Use nitrogen guano for growth, phosphorus guano for budding and all guano for your plants general health and well being. Guano Phosphate Fertilizer can be blended with topsoil before laying sod or grass seed and while planting trees and shrubs. Add guano to your container growing mix for a supercharged potting soil. And you will get best solution of your farm !


Why Guano Phosphate is so Important ?